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Easy Playlist Name List with Means

  1. Chill Vibes (2000s) - Relaxing tunes to unwind and destress.

  2. Sunday Mornings (2010s) - Perfect melodies for a laid-back start to the day.

  3. Smooth Classics (1990s) - Timeless tracks that soothe the soul.

  4. Easy Breezy (2020s) - Contemporary easy-listening hits for a carefree mood.

  5. Mellow Melodies (1980s) - Soft and gentle songs from the golden era of music.

  6. Lazy Afternoons (1970s) - Easygoing tunes to spend a relaxed afternoon.

  7. Acoustic Bliss (2010s) - Acoustic versions that bring a sense of serenity.

  8. Unwind & Chill (2000s) - Melodies to unwind after a long day.

  9. Sunset Serenade (2020s) - Tracks that set the perfect ambiance during sunset.

  10. Soothing Soul (1960s) - Soulful classics that soothe the heart.

  11. Laid-back Love (1990s) - Romantic tunes for a relaxed evening with your loved one.

  12. Easygoing Hits (2010s) - Hit songs that are easy on the ears.

  13. Relax & Revive (2020s) - Revive your spirit with these relaxing tracks.

  14. Golden Moments (1950s) - Music that takes you back to the golden era.

  15. Chilled Pop (2000s) - Pop tracks with a mellow vibe.

  16. Calm & Collected (2010s) - Stay calm and collected with this playlist.

  17. Soft Rock Sensations (1980s) - Easy rock hits that touch the soul.

  18. Dreamy Tunes (2020s) - Songs that make you feel like you're dreaming.

  19. Jazz Lounge (1950s) - Jazzy tunes for a relaxed lounge experience.

  20. Morning Zen (2010s) - Find your Zen with these morning tracks.

  21. Chilled Rhythms (1990s) - Rhythmic tracks with a laid-back feel.

  22. Easy Escapism (2020s) - Escape the world with these easy tracks.

  23. Serenade Me (1970s) - Serenade your senses with these classics.

  24. Lazy Days (2000s) - Perfect songs for lazy days.

  25. Relaxation Station (2010s) - Get relaxed at the station of calmness.

  26. Chill Folk (2020s) - Easygoing folk tunes to soothe your soul.

  27. Easy Does It (1960s) - Taking it easy with these classics.

  28. Evening Serenity (1990s) - Serene songs for a peaceful evening.

  29. Chilled Hip-Hop (2010s) - Hip-hop beats with a chilled-out vibe.

  30. Soft & Sweet (2000s) - Sweet tunes that are soft on the ears.

  31. Lounge Lizards (2020s) - Lounge tracks for relaxation.

  32. Lazy Sunday (1970s) - Easygoing tracks for a lazy Sunday.

  33. Peaceful Pop (2010s) - Pop songs with a peaceful touch.

  34. Tranquil Times (1980s) - Tranquil tunes from the '80s.

  35. Carefree Classics (1960s) - Classic hits that evoke carefree vibes.

  36. Mellowed Out (2000s) - Get mellowed out with these tracks.

  37. Chillwave (2010s) - Atmospheric tracks that induce relaxation.

  38. Soft Serenades (1990s) - Serenades that touch the heart softly.

  39. Easy-listening Extravaganza (2020s) - An extravaganza of easy-listening hits.

  40. Smooth & Soothing (1970s) - Smooth tracks that soothe the soul.

  41. Soulful Escape (2000s) - Soulful tunes for a blissful escape.

  42. Chillout Lounge (2010s) - Lounge tracks perfect for chilling out.

  43. Peaceful Piano (2020s) - Piano melodies that bring peace.

  44. Lazy Grooves (1990s) - Groovy tunes for lazy days.

  45. Relaxed Beats (2000s) - Beats that keep you relaxed.

  46. Chill & Unwind (2010s) - Unwind with this chill playlist.

  47. Easy Harmonies (1980s) - Harmonious tracks that are easy on the ears.

  48. Dreamy Escape (2020s) - Escape reality with these dreamy tracks.

  49. Acoustic Serenade (1970s) - Serenade your senses with acoustic classics.

  50. Morning Bliss (2010s) - Start your day with blissful melodies.

  51. Chilled Ballads (1990s) - Ballads that bring a sense of calmness.

  52. Easy Rhythms (2000s) - Rhythmic tunes that are easy to groove to.

  53. Soothing Sounds (2010s) - Sounds that soothe the mind and soul.

  54. Golden Chill (1980s) - Chill hits from the golden era.

  55. Lazy Evenings (2020s) - Perfect tunes for lazy evenings.

  56. Relaxing Classics (1960s) - Classic hits that bring relaxation.

  57. Chilled Vocals (2000s) - Songs with soothing and chilled-out vocals.

  58. Calm Melodies (2010s) - Melodies that calm the soul.

  59. Soft Rock Heaven (1990s) - Rock hits with a soft touch.

  60. Dreamland (2020s) - Get lost in dreamland with these tracks.

  61. Jazzy Escapade (1950s) - Jazzy tracks that take you on an escapade.

  62. Morning Serenity (2010s) - Experience serenity in the morning.

  63. Chilled Indie (2020s) - Indie tracks with a chilled-out vibe.

  64. Easygoing Nostalgia (1960s) - Nostalgic hits with an easygoing feel.

  65. Evening Chill (1990s) - Chill tracks perfect for the evening.

  66. Chilled Electronic (2010s) - Electronic beats that keep you chilled.

  67. Soft & Sentimental (2000s) - Sentimental tracks with a soft touch.

  68. Lounge Sessions (2020s) - Lounge tracks for laid-back sessions.

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